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I would never shoot any East Euro ammo through my M1's unless it's . Winchester produce Match Grade Garand safe ammunition for a like .


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Beretta also produced Garands using Winchester tooling. U.S. Army Infantryman in 1942 with M1, Fort Knox, KY. The M1 proved an excellent rifle throughout its .

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using winchester ammo in m1 garand School of Ministry


using winchester ammo in m1 garandSOM begins spring 2012 semester!


Obtaining An M1 Garand Rifle
Jun 16, 2007 . Soldier Holding an M1 Garand, MemorablePlaces Proudly Presents: . to cycle using any ammo except for some rather hot Winchester loads!



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Saturday, January 14th, 9:30am in lower auditorium


Fulton Armory: What's the Difference between .308 Winchester ...
Use military ammo or the best commercial only, e.g., Federal Gold Medal Match. . headspace for an M14/M1A or M1 Garand chambered in .308 Winchester.





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Anybody got a pet load for an m1 garand, prefer to use H4350, since I have that . Faster powders such as 4895 and 4064 with 150-180 grain bullets . Hope this helps, was using Winchester primers ( am a fan, and can't use .


Shooting Commercial Ammunition in your M1 Garand
It is commonly stated that shooting commercial ammunition in the M1 Garand will cause damage to the operating rod. With the supply of M2 Ball ammunition dwindling, it seemed an appropriate . Winchester Power Point 150gr Lot #690 C72 .


6:00pm Potluck Dinner in the lower auditorium (A-L bring main dish, M-S bring a side/salad, T-Z bring a dessert)


7:00pm Meeting in Main Auditorium



M1 Garand Bolt Springfield SA Winchester HRA IHC PB BMB WWII ...
M1 Garand Bolt Springfield SA Winchester HRA IHC PB BMB .


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Amazon.com: 30-06 Dummy ammo, dummy bullets, M1 Garand ...
Amazon.com: 30-06 Dummy ammo, dummy bullets, M1 Garand 1903 Enfield Springfield Winchester . 30-06 Dummy ammo, dummy bullets, M1 Garand 1903 Enfield Springfield Winchester M70 Remington . Search Products Tagged with .



The Firearm Blog Modern Ammo Pouches for the M1 Garand
Mar 30, 2012 . Olongapo Outfitters makes some of the best quality, M1 Garand clip pouches I've . These pouches close with mil-spec snaps and feature pull tabs on the flaps for speed. . Ruger American Rifle 243 Winchester Rifles (1) .
















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