Lewis and Clark
The Lewis and Clark journey opened up a new frontier for fur trade with the indians but also a route to the west. Lewis later became governor of Louisiana .


Lewis & Clark Bicentennial
When the journey began, Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery could not . And the promise of yesterday is today's reality from the trade routes along .

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On the Lewis and Clark Trail
Much of the Montana landscape that Lewis & Clark crossed remains unchanged. . an all-water route connecting the trade routes of the Pacific to the Old World .



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Thomas Jefferson's Vision for the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Lewis and Clark Trail "Re-live the Adventure" . This vision encompassed a new America that commanded the trade routes from Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, .





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The Missouri River - Missouri Lewis & Clark Water Trail
The river served as the path for the Lewis and Clark expedition, later . For many years Jefferson had envisioned a trade route across the America to the Pacific .


Lesson Plans - Lewis and Clark: Why Explore the Vast Unknown?
Why was the Lewis and Clark Expedition important to the United States in the . other rivers to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean for the purpose of trade.


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Biography Lewis and Clark - AETV.com Classroom Study Guides
How did Lewis and Clark's expedition fulfill Thomas Jefferson's Continental Vision? How did international concerns and competitions for trading routes influence .


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Lewis and Clark Expedition
While the Lewis and Clark expedition went through none of the country we . the Indian tribes along the Missouri, so that a safe trade route would be available, .



Lewis and Clark barter with the Native Americans | EconEdLink
The nation and Thomas Jefferson's interest in an exploration of trade routes to the . Explorers Meriwhether Lewis and William Clark left Missouri in May of 1804 .
















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