A life-span theory of control.
A life-span theory of control. Heckhausen J, Schulz R. Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Education, Berlin, Germany. A life-span theory of .


A motivational theory of life-span development.
Heckhausen J, Wrosch C, Schulz R. . developmental regulation with their original life-span theory of control to present a comprehensive theory of development.

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A Motivational Theory of Life-Span Development
In our original life-span theory of control, we identified key issues that need to be addressed by all life-span theories of devel- opment (J. Heckhausen & Schulz, .



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Jutta Heckhausen | School of Social Ecology
Heckhausen, J., & Farruggia, S. P. (2003). Developmental Regulation Across the Life Span: A Control-Theory Approach and Implications for Secondary .





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Who is Jutta Heckhausen? | School of Social Ecology
Who is Jutta Heckhausen? . formulated the life-span theory of control with my collaborator Richard Schulz, Ph.D., and launched a research program to test its .


A Life Span Model of Successful Aging
the derivation of a life span model of developmental reg- ulation (J. Heckhausen & Schulz, 1995a). The life span theory of control proposes the construct .


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Developmental Regulation in Adulthood: Age-Normative and ...
The life-span theory of control proposes that control of one's environment is the . This theory identifies the evolutionary roots and the life-span developmental . Jutta Heckhausen grew up in Germany and did her graduate work and Ph.D. at .


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Heckhausen, J., Wrosch, C., & Schulz, R. (2010). A motivational theory of life- span development. . The life-span theory of control: Issues and evidence.



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this chapter, the life-span theory of control (J. Heckhausen & Schulz, 1995; Schulz & J. Heckhausen, 1996) is discussed as a theoretical and empirical framework .
















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