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Definition. Total blindness is the inability to tell light from dark, or the total inability to see. Visual impairment or low vision is a severe reduction in vision that .


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In the United States, the terms "partially sighted", "low vision", "legally blind" and " totally blind" are . "Developing an objective definition of visual impairment.

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Blindness is frequently used to describe severe visual impairment with . In North America and most of Europe, legal blindness is defined as visual acuity .



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Visual Impairment
Read all about visual impairment. . What Is Visual Impairment? . The American Foundation for the Blind estimates that 10 million people in the United States .





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Blindness/ Visual Impairment
Definition. The terms partially sighted, low vision, legally blind, and totally blind are . “Low vision” generally refers to a severe visual impairment, not necessarily .


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Special Education Information: Disability Definitions: Definition of Visually Impaired, Special needs learning disabled resources tips games Education .


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VISUAL IMPAIRMENT (Including Blindness) I. DEFINITION "Visual ...
its widest point or identified as cortically visually impaired and functioning at the definition of legal blindness. II. POSSIBLE REFERRAL CHARACTERISTICS. A.


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Visually Impaired
Definition. "Visually impaired" means a medically verified visual impairment accompanied by limitations in sight that interfere with acquiring information or .



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The World Health Organization defines visual impairment as acuity less than 20/ 60 (normal being 20/20). The legal definition of blindness in the United States is .
















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