Janet's Garden: Crown of thorns cactus
May 30, 2006 . So meet Euphorbia milii, the crown of thorns cactus. Despite the name, it was not found in Palestine two millenia ago, being a native of .


Questions On Crown of Thorns
Q: I have two different crown-of-thorn plants. One bloomed but now seems to be in a rest period. Should I use any fertilizer made for cactus plants? How often .

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Crown of Thorns - Cacti and Succulents
Apart fropm the poinsettia, the crown of thorns is the most commonly grown Euphorbia. It is also known as the Christ plant. - Crown of Thorns - Cacti and .



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The Crown of Thorns - Cacti and Succulents
The crown of thorns has many admirable qualities. This commonly grown plant is related to the ever-popular poinsettia. - The Crown of Thorns - Cacti and .





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How to Start a Crown of Thorns Cactus | eHow.com
How to Start a Crown of Thorns Cactus. Crown-of-thorns (euphorbia milii) is grown as an outdoor ornamental in warm, tropical climates or as a houseplant in .


Mr. Smarty Plants - Potted crown of thorns cactus cold tolerance in ...
Dec 2, 2009 . QUESTION: I have a large potted crown-of-thorns cactus. Can it remain outside this winter in the Texas Hill Country?


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Is Crown of Thorns a cactus? | Plant Identification
Is Crown of Thorns a cactus? - I have this Crown of Thorns plant and was wondering if it was a type of cactus?Thanks, kj - Crown of Thorns .


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Crown of thorns collection - Cacti & Succulents Forum - GardenWeb
I don't know for sure where to post my crown of thorns (COT) collection. I have 40 pots with about 30 different variety of colors and shape and .



Crown of Thorns - Cactus Lovers
Crown Of Thorns. August 2005 - I am not exactly sure if this is a cactus, but it is well-known as a "Crown of Thorns." Crown of Thorns. Pretty red blooms on this .
















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